If you are new, you have to sign up first then login to your account using your username and password. Upload your images and submit the order form.

For getting free trail, you have to process many images and you have to confirm the order. And then we will do your job one by one and we will ensure some sample images for you. And you can download them and check the quality. After finishing the checking you can pay.

Go through the quote request page. Upload your images, Fill in and submit the form. You can wait for a reply for the time being.

We are open 24 hours a day, from Monday 7 am till Sunday 7 am.

Time duration of completing your job depends on complexity and quantity of your project. Most of the time, you can expect a delivery within 24 hours; but if the amount is little in job as for 5, 10 or so images, it can delivered in us to 6 or 12 hours. For your urgent order, we support you for your job as soon as possible. Just inform us before for your urgent delivery, we will give you priority.

In basic view, there are no minimums or maximum with clipping path agency. Send your images, no matter what the size is, and you will get the same superb results, because small business is as important as big ones.

Our quality executive team will find out the problem with their images. If this happens, it is not a matter of worried on just writing us an email and we will review if straightly and do our best correct it in record time for this correcting issue, you will not pay any extra costs.

Our DTP professionals are highly trained with experienced. They always ensure the high quality productivity for you. And we check all jobs at least three times before delivery. We do believe in long term relationship ensuring the best services you and you all.

Our answer is yes; we can have many clients who send us on going work through the year. If this is your case you can set up a weekly or monthly payment system. Any time you can send us and order, we will add it to your one invoice with all details g date, batch member, quantity, type of service required and price, before you pay every week/month you will be able to check it everything is ok and then make a payment.

We are based in a low labor cost region, when our group of house skilled DTP professionals professionally. The accuracy and time efficiency of their work allows us to serve more clients better and with more competitive process.

First you will receive your completed work and you will be able to revise it. Once if you are happy with it. We will send you the invoice with all the details you need to pay including link. You can also login to your account to see view print your invoices make payments. You can setup a monthly payment scheme for ongoing work. We Accept PayPal, Master Card, Maestro, Visa, American Express solo or direct debit.

Of course 100% yes, all our personal have signal a non-disclosure agreement where they commit themselves to not taking any image out of the work place or use it for any other purpose then the joy you require.

Of course not, we are giving guaranty that all your images will be destroyed after completion of work and we will not use, sell or share any of them with third parties without consent.

It depends on your requirements. We can provide almost any kind of format. If you just need clipping path then we will use JPG but if you need masking then we will send them in PNG, PSD or TIFF.  Have something in mind already you can always let us know which format you prefer.

Please, be candid to send any file, whether it is JPG, TIFF, PSD or EPS. However, we recommend JPG files to save time if your requirement is ok with this format. Please feel free to send it what is the best for you?

Yes, you can rest assured. We create individual FTP accounts for every single customer with unique username and password.

As always we have tried to make it really easy for our developers have arranged a few options to options to upload to download your images.

No, there are no limitations on the file size or amount of pictures you can send us, How bear in mind that our online up loader can’t upload file bigger than 64 MB(Each File). But you can upload as many small files as you need at once. If you have a file bigger than 64 MB you will to use FTP System.


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