Acquaintance about free trial

We keep an opportunity for free trial up to 2 images. And by this free trial system our clients can check the quality of our service. After receiving the files, they are needed very short time (near about from 2 to 3 hours) to process and to return

Process of filling up the free trial form

Bellow given form is requested to fill up for getting free trial offer

All required (*) mark fields are requested to fill up by submitting the information properly.

You are requested to upload up to 2 files and your two combination files should not be exceeded more than 25 MB. And it can be 25 MB for a single file whereas (12 MB + 12MB) for two files.

If the image size is overcome the limit, you are requested to go to ‘’ upload file’’ and mention ‘’free trial’’ on the subject field, including your full contract details and working instruction on the message box.

Then you are requested to select files from your hard drive and send us.



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