FTP is the most powerful and reliable method of unloading and downloading large file or large number of files. Using FTP you can upload/downloading “folder” and any amount or size of files. There is no limitation.

For getting process of FTP login Details

Please send a request to create your personal FTP account. We will create it and come back your with login details company.

Please note: Before you send the request, make sure you are already registered as a client. How to use FTP?

You need to download an FTP Client software form the internet and install on your pc or Mac. There are a lot of FTP Client software available on the internet that you can see, and most of them are free.

Few Popular FTP Clients:

File Zilla(for both Pc and Mac) Download here

CyberDuck (for both pc and Mac) Download here

Ftech(Mac Only)  Download here

Fine FTP for firefox web browser. Download here

Need help using FTP ? Check out our FileZila FTP Tutorial. If you need using any other FTP software, Please See their documentation or use Google to find a tutorial. If you face any problem or need please do not hesitate to contract us.


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