Thanks a lot, Clipping Path Agency is an online image editing agency by which all series of clipping path are provided worldwide professionally.

We are very glad for your interest to make a working relationship with us. We have two ways for receiving delivering the images.

Direct System (a Zip File less than 500 MB)

FTP System (Unlimited Choice of File Size & Number of any format)

1. Direct System (a Zip file less than 500 MB)

You can upload images in our website directly; it’s permitted less than a 500 MB Zip file of a time. You have to put your images in a Zip File, Size less than 500 MB and upload the Zip file by clicking browse option on our website at request a quote or order page.

We also accept files from other severs delivered by the client. For this, we need an account information from the client for downloading the image files. Upload the files and send us the account information by clicking on the Contract us.

We will send the completed images to the client from our FTP Server or Personal Account of Client server as the Choice.

2. FTP System (Unlimited Choice)

We Share same FTP account between you and our officials only for uploading and downloading purpose of unlimited number and size of file in any format. Submit a request for an FTP account information from our website or by an e-mail and follow the steps below:

When you request for an FTP account we’ll give you an FTP account information with password (only for use clipping path and one client dote to image security) to upload your images.

Upload your Images and then email us that you have uploaded your images, with your Job Instructions.

After receiving your email, we’ll download them and then send you a download conformation massage.

After done the job, we’ll upload the completed images at the same FTP account; again we will give you an upload confirmation massage.

Finally you’ll download the completed images and check them, if needed review, just email us.

Sample of FTP Account information:

FTP Host:

FTP Username:

Password: ********

Port: 21

You have to save the above FTP information for future use. Upload your images easily. Request for an FTP Account.

It is needed to install.

FileZila Program in your computer to login at FTP account and proceed with uploading and downloading files to and from clipping path agency. FileZila is a freeware, you can find this free software of the company’s URL: http;//

Please feel free to let me know if any problem is there, Please email at:

If you face any problem or need help please do not hesitate to contract us.


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